This fucking show

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Tyler brofessortec ladies and gentlemen


Tyler brofessortec ladies and gentlemen


I don’t think anyone has really thought about how weird Ridley’s name is. You’ve got Kraid, Phantoon, Crocomire, Quadraxis, etc., all weird, sci-fi, “alien” style names. Then you have Ridley, which is just a regular name. A purple dragon-bird-alien-space pirate thing named Ridley.


"Day four hundred and sixty three in captivity. I am crestfallen."

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I think atheism has the coolest representation in Final Fantasy Tactics because it’s a status effect that makes you immune to magic.


games like cave story and ghost trick make me sad and stuff bc the storyline and plot are really depressing for me
i want to know everything that happened, every little detail is important
and then somehow the main characters wake up with no memory and I always want to know everything that happened to them
both of those games mess with my feelings a lot but they are so amazing

everyone needs to play cave story or ghost trick at least once bc they are great games

Game experience is different for everybody guy. Ex. Ghost Trick Phantom detective explains every…little..thing. It really does, check them out again if you must .  But I agree that they both are amazing games and must be played. Cave Story first because obviously its free but has great platforming and then Ghost Trick because of its amazing narrative and overall story presentation. 


We all have that one person who helps keep us grounded.

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but do aliens believe in me….


we always believed in you, and so should you….

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